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100% RAW DOG FOOD 1.5 KG

100% RAW DOG FOOD 1.5 KG

Price: $ 93.75
Item: 100RDF1.5
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100% Raw Dog Food 1.5kg makes upto 6kg of daily food when rehydrated with water.


Raw and Healthy Ingredients to keep your dog Healthy, Happy and Relaxed. We are confident that our food is amongst the best Pet Foods Available anywhere in the world and its made here in Australia. Every part of this food is 100% raw and Freeze dried.. 


Ingredients:Lamb heart chunks,kangaroo tail,beef,emu,salmon powder,kangaroo liver chunks,sweetpotato,green apples,broccoli,sardines,beef liver,beef kidney,cabbage,kale,cauliflower,green lip mussel powder,egg yolks,parsley,rosmary extract