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Australian Made Pet Treats
Australian Made Pet Treats
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100% Natural Ingredients

About Us

Freeze Dry Australia has 2 Chefs at the helm, with over 30 years experience to help guide you with your products.

Reasons To Choose Freeze Dry Australia

Freeze Dry Australia PFIAA Approved

Freeze Dry Australia is PFIAA Accredited.

Freeze Dry Australia is HACCP Certified.

Freeze Dry Australia HACCP Certified

We are PrimeSafe Certified.

Australian Made & Owned

Freeze Dry Australia creates the Ultimate in Pet Food Products.
We source premium ingredients from all over Australia and develop amazingly healthy and tasty products.
Our Freeze Methods have been developed to maintain the maximum nutritional benefits by our team of Freeze Drying Experts.
All of our products are preservative free, grain free and full of integrity, produced in our state of the art facility here in Australia.

International Orders

Freeze Dry Australia has a wide variety of distributors available for other countries;






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